13 Reasons Why Aquarians Make The Best Friends Ever

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Aquarians are great people. Although Aquarians love company and interesting conversations a lot, they are essentially loners at heart with few friends, which is weird because they can strike up a conversation with literally anyone and everyone. Here are some real good reasons why Aquarians make the best friends ever! If you’re an Aquarian, this will make your day. If you’re not, well, this will make you want to be surrounded by them all your life. You’ll find yourself lucky if you land yourself an Aquarius friend. More than being fun people to hang out with, they have a lot of positive traits that anyone can ever wish for in a friend and a companion.

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Unconventional And Proud Of It! Aquarians are free spirits. They’ll liberate you.
Aquarians are the most unconventional people in the zodiac circle – and therefore the most eccentric in their friend circles. Aquarians relish in their unconventional ways. Their unusual thoughts lead them to think “outside of the box” and therefore, they are often seen as great thinkers. They are always looking for a new way to do something. This helps them avoid one of their greatest enemies – boredom. The combination of their creative attributes, original thoughts, kindness, and love of people makes them perfect leaders. However, while they will take your opinion of something into consideration, you may be unlikely to change their own thoughts on the subject. Just as the positivity of an Aquarian is contagious, so is their free spirit. An Aquarian will freely move from one subject of attention to another. They love to travel, and they will seek freedom and liberation. For those of you who find yourselves constantly trapped by your day-to-day tasks, you need an Aquarius friend. Their personality will liberate you and remind you just what it feels like to do what YOU want to do.2. They’re great conversationalists. You’d often find yourself talking to an Aquarian for hours at a stretch at parties for no reason. Not only do they always have interesting things to tell, they’re curious to know people.
Being the most fun doesn’t mean they’re frivolous and shallow. Most Aquarians are very intellectual, in fact. Philosophical conversations with them are thought-provoking to say the least. In a way, they can be overbearing too. There are Aquarians who don’t just like to listen and cheer you up, there are also those who tend to want to fix it all. Some Aquarians would take matters in their own hands. If you’re an Aquarian, keep in mind that not everyone wants this. Sometimes, all you need is a patient ear who listens and a shoulder to cry on. Understand that although this does not solve a problem, there are just problems that aren’t yours to solve and that sometimes, letting a person talk and rant and pour out all their emotions can help them ease their mind and hearts.
Those who have an Aquarius friend already would know that they’re the most loyal friends they can ever have. Whether it is fighting for you, or carrying you home when you pass out, they’ll always have your back.
Aquarius friends are very supportive of a person’s dreams, projects or any random ideas. If they see you have the passion for it, they will push you and even help you achieve your goal. They are enthusiastic and will plan each step with you. Their lively spirit and enthusiasm can be very infectious and you will need that from a friend when trying to achieve something. They will not stop your plans as they are not jealous people and won’t stop you just so you don’t leave them behind. The way the Water bearer lifts you up can take you a long way. When you’re feeling down, the Aquarian will go out of their ways to cheer you up. They’ll bring you to parties, introduce you to people and even do a little retail therapy with you.

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They will say what you need to hear right to your face (because that’s what friends are FOR!)
Aquarians are excellent conversationalists with a good sense of humor, sometimes their humor is the raw truth, but these people speak their mind and don’t hold anything back. Aquarius is a straight-shooter. They don’t beat around the bush and they will always speak their mind. Just like the archer that denotes their sign, a message from an Aquarian is direct. They won’t play games with you; they’ll say what you need to hear. Even further than that, they’ll say what you won’t. An Aquarian (impulsive as they are) will be quick to come to your defense if they feel there’s something that needs to be said. They’re protectors, and always for your benefit. Whether or not you want to hear it, if you NEED to hear it, your Aquarius friend will say it.They will expect the same from you, of course. If they think the dress is ugly or the chick your dating is way out of your league they will say so not to bring you down but to make sure you don’t bad or make a fool out of yourself. You can always prove them wrong and they won’t feel bad about it. They will even feel happy for you and laugh at the fact that they were proven wrong.
They’re neither too mechanical nor too emotional. They know when to listen to their heart and when to listen to their brain. An Aquarian will not only give the most practical solution to your problem, but will also solve most of it for you.They’re also fearless, in life. It is inspiring to see Aquarians take on the world so courageously. And believe it or not, it does rub off on you too. Aquarian can give you the best advice and solution for you!6. They can introduce you to the most rad bands out there.Many Aquarians have musical talents, and they have a good taste in music. When it comes to music they don’t discriminate. From Alternative Rock to Big Band Swing and everything in between, they can appreciate whatever genre you throw at them. Which is perfect because nothing brings people together like some good tunes. Whether you’re going on a road trip or heading to a friend’s house for a birthday bash, their DJ skills will NEVER disappoint. And because they love music so much, they’ll be up for whatever big music festival you want to go to. By the end of the year you’ll both be able to check Coachella, SXSW, Bonnaroo, and Burning Man off you’re music festival bucket list.
They give great advice and are very trustworthy.
The Aquarius is constantly finding themselves dispensing advice to friends and loved ones and they’re pretty damn good at doing it too. Their practical and problem solving nature allows them to assess a situation objectively and give out ridiculously useful advice about what should (and shouldn’t) be done about it. They will give you the best advice you can get. Because they think so systematically about everything, they also make great pros and cons lists. Aquarians are excellent conversationalists with a good sense of humor, sometimes their humor is the raw truth, but these people speak their mind and don’t hold anything back.They will take every secret to the grave! They will never reveal your secrets. They take trust VERY seriously and will never break it once earned. Aquarians are very dependable and seek stability in friendships and relationships. They are mature in their outlook and govern their subordinates smoothly. They always help a friend in need. Honesty defines these natives and will do anything to help others.
They love to have fun.Another quality that sets Aquarians apart from the rest is their unpredictability. Just when you thought you have pinned down an Aquarian, they go ahead and do/say something which will shock you. They are very spontaneous and crazy.  Whether it’s going out with a group of friends, hosting dinners, or more thrilling activities like bungee jumping or sky diving – they’re always down for the ride!
Natural Rebels and Great Idealists.
Aquarians are born rebels against the conventional and the traditional. They do not accept anything blindly and are always questioning the loopholes in any system. This is also the reason that Aquarians are known to be great idealists. They can see the present flawed systems. Unlike other zodiac signs like Leos and Aries, Aquarians are not pushy people – and hence they believe in ‘Live and let live’. Being highly individualistic themselves, they respect individuality in others and do not try to shove their opinions down other people’s throats. They are and dream of a world where things are much better. Aquarians love more than anything to be in the company of other people. One of the friendliest signs of the zodiac, they are true “people” people. Aquarians will find their kindness helps them attract friends wherever they go. Their humanitarian beliefs make them concerned for the welfare of all. Yet, while they love people, they tend to avoid getting too deeply involved in a relationship for fear of losing their independence.
There can be no dull moment around an Aquarian. With their impeccable sense of humor, they’ll make sure your life is all giggles and laughter. Think of the friend who makes you laugh the most – must be an Aquarian.
Comedy Aquarians has a legendary sense of humor, and will make you laugh without even trying. The Aquarius inner child will have a sense of “timing” even as a small tot and their considerable intelligence will require you to be on the ball at all times. This child will “get” and make jokes that would go over many other people’s heads.
They are tolerant And Respectful Of Individual Choices.
Unlike other zodiac signs like Leos and Aries, Aquarians are not pushy people – and hence they believe in ‘Live and let live’. Being highly individualistic themselves, they respect individuality in others and do not try to shove their opinions down other people’s throats. Aquarians are also cool as cucumber. Most Aquarians are very calm and tranquil – and their soft manner of speaking can soothe even the angriest or craziest of people. They get mad and forget. Never do they hold any grudges against their friends. They’re the most forgiving people you will ever meet.
They are curious about everything and  are forward-thinking Geniuses.
Aquarians are a curious lot – and they are forever trying to learn about new things and people. Their thirst for knowledge is unquenchable, whether it is about ancient Asian culture or the story behind a stranger’s sadness. Aquarians tend to be misunderstood by their peers, as their thoughts and ideas are too futuristic for the common folks. This water sign is very forward-thinking – and a number of geniuses are born under this sign. Aquarians value friendship very much. Once you have a friendship with an Aquarian, you can expect them to be loyal. If you find yourself in a bind, ask an Aquarian friend for help. They will not hesitate to be there for you. They are the humanitarians of the zodiac and their altruistic ways naturally draw people to them. Aquarians usually never find themselves at a loss for companionship, but because they value their independence so, they may not make the best lovers. If they feel they are trapped, they will use any excuse to break free.
Aquarians show you what real friendships are like. They may hang out with a hundred people, but they are close to only a handful of them. Being the closest to an Aquarian is a privilege not everybody gets.Among all the positives to having an Aquarian as a friend, there is a negative: they’re flighty and often forgetful. Since their minds are so commonly set in the future, they forget about the present. But for you as their friend, that’s a benefit, because they are going to test your patience. They’ll miss appointments, show up chronically late, and often wait until the last minute. But who ever said a friend should be perfect? It’s their imperfections that can strengthen you.

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