7 Reasons Everyone Needs A Libra Friend…

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Few things are rarer in this world than a damn good friend. But fear not, because there’s never a Libra too far away. Here’s seven reasons everyone needs a Libra friend in their life.

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#1: They have a fiercely protective streak.

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Libras are protective of their tribe and once you’ve earned their trust and friendship – you can be sure they’ll have your back, period.

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#2: They know exactly how to get a party started.

Just because Libra is logical – doesn’t mean they are boring or don’t let their hair down. Fun and outlandish moments are basically what they live for.

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Party animal Libra

#3: They will move mountains for a close friend or loved one.

There’s not much a Libra wouldn’t give or do to help a friend, family member or loved one in need. They’ll stick by you even when the sh*t hits the fan.

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Moving mountains

#4: They are optimists who will pick you up when you’re feeling down.

Libra are the kinds of people who look for the silver lining in a situation – and they’re masters and turning an unpleasant situation into something much more positive.

Pure optimism

#5: They’re loyal and will have your back.

When disaster strikes and everyone else runs away – Libra is the kind of friend that will come through to save the day.

Libra loyalty

#6: They give freaking amazing advice.

Libras have a knack for looking at things objectively and weighing up all of the pros and cons – so they also tend to give amazingly useful advice.

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Libra advice

#7: They will inspire and motivate you to succeed.

Libras encourage their friends to pursue their goals and dreams. They know how to instill the type of confidence in people that helps them to aim high and achieve.

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