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Well, barely a month is left before the year 2017 is over, and the new year embarks. And I know, there’s a ritual to kiss someone in the New Year moment, but if you haven’t found someone to look in the eye, and kiss them a ‘Happy New Year’, don’t worry too much over it.

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Just because you had a lonely 2017, doesn’t mean you’ll have to be alone in the next year. 2018, like any other year, will bring new opportunities for you to explore and who knows, those opportunities might even bring someone who’d induce love into your life.

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That being said, you do have to put some efforts if you want to have the love of your life, right?

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So, here we are, to tell you what to do if you want to win the heart of your perfect partner in 2018.

1. Let the time take its course.

Stop paddling so much. Just sit back and let the time flow in your favour. You are destined to find your one true love in 2018. It may not happen out of the blue, but soon things will start leading up to such circumstances that will make you find the one who was meant to be. It will seem like nothing could go wrong with that person and you’ll thank your lucky stars for what you’ll have.

2. Redefine love.

You’ll step in a small fling which will not simply be a non-serious relationship. It may be a very brief encounter, but it will reframe your concept of love and relationships. They may not stay long in your life, but they’ll have a solid impact on how you feel about love. It will be a ‘Eureka’ moment for your self, and you’ll have a much better perspective about these matters.

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3. Feelings for lost love.

It’s hard for you to move on from your past relationship, wondering what could bring it all back. You love to swoon in their thoughts and sweet memories you had together. So much so, that you’d prefer to stay single. Well, your sad, lonely nights will finally end with the person coming back to your life. They’ll be ready to see past the rifts and differences that made you go your separate ways and accept you with open heart and arms.

4. A different kind of love.

There will be love – but not one with someONE. It will not involve someone, but rather it will be the love of your surroundings. You will find joy and peace of mind by reconnecting yourself with the serene landscapes. Sometimes, it’s better to take a break and have the best company you can ever have – your own. “Who says love is only romantic?” You’ll be naturally drawn to this thought process and will ease into this way of thinking. Love can wait, what is important is to find yourself.

5. Deeper than friendship.

You will gradually realize that a long-term friend of yours has taken a much deeper place in your heart. You thought of them simply as a friend, but the relationship will evolve to such a level that you find yourself wanting to be with them more and more. This will also bring a change on how you look at yourself. And hopefully, if it all feels right, you’ll decide to dedicate your lives together.

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6. Time to play around.

It’s time for you to simply goof around. This year is about letting loose on the town! There are no societal norms to bind you, and you finally dare to do things your way. You will try something new, explore new territories of love and simply view your potential romance that’s still out there waiting for you.

7. Something more beautiful than love.

It’s not love, that you must be looking for at the moment. You will find the most sincere and reliable friend anyone could ask for. It doesn’t have to be romantic, but it will be full of warmth and closeness. You’ll find solace in their support, and you know you can trust them without any doubt. They’ll be your support far better than anyone else, especially from your past relations.

8. The perfect soulmate.

You will find your one true love. It will be a feeling that you can’t deny and if you stay true to your heart you will never even have the need to look for other options. You will always find that whatever you were looking for in romance is what your partner embodies in their character. The romance between you will not be a one-time fling but something far more significant and meaningful.

9. Bringing back home.

You find yourself slowly drifting apart in your current relationship. There is no longer that excitement which once you shared with your partner. This year, however, will shock you from your sleep and shoot your eyes open to the wavering romance. You will become more proactive and take measures to correct the situation and will succeed in making the one you beloved to come back.

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10. An affair waiting to happen.

Well, unfortunately, 2017 didn’t bring much of a romantic spark for you. But the dry spell ends now as the new year will boom with possibilities and opportunities for blossoming romance. You just have to hold your head high, keep calm and someone special will soon come knocking at your door.

11. Don’t let go.

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As the fate will have it, you will once again be at the crossroads face to face with an old chapter, that was seemingly a great relationship. The universe will conspire again and make you two come together and find that comfort and happiness with each other. You’ll realize how fortunate you’ve been to find that person again since the time you both will spend together will be full of excitement and love. Hold that person closely this time and don’t lose them again since they are your rock and they complete you.

12. Starting fresh!

You might have faced disappointments in relationships over and over again, and you blame yourself for most of them. However, you will cut yourself a slack and turn a new leaf over. You’d forget about the past and try to rediscover your self. Right now, you have started to realise you need to connect with the inner you and that is precisely what you are going to do.