Capricorn horoscope November 28th 2017

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Tuesday November 28th 2017, will test your diplomatic abilities and might mark a decisive day.
You could need to postpone any pursuits regarding your financial status for today, and focus more on your love life, an aspect that is more likely to produce rewards.

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This day should take a turn for the better in regards to your love and relationship life, not a dramatic and fast change but a stable long lasting process.
Don’t let life slip through your hands, it’s time to take charge and impose your own rules.

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Try and keep your finances out of harm’s way, this may prove to be tricky day, a day in which earnings are tougher to get but expenses are likely to appear at every step.
It’s time to live up to the expectations that you have set for yourself in terms of your financial potential.

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Try and devise a long term plan regarding your health and well-being in general terms, then try and stick to it.
You are ambitions, you can move past impediments with some consideration to details and perseverance.

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