Capricorn horoscope November 30th 2017

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Daily Capricorn horoscope summary

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Starting off modest enough, Thursday November 30th 2017 will likely take a turn for the better as each hour passes, having an overall good feeling.
By all indications, your love life is the strongest factor of your day, whilst your health state could not be at full potential.

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New liaison are likely for today, chances of getting to know the true nature of some people are very high.
Differences between you and a loved one may fade away, and a fresh start to that bond may prove beneficial for all sides involved.

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This is a day that might certainly bring a great boost in your financial corner if you approach it right and with determination.
Keep going on this track and don’t let up from the energy point of view, this is a day favorable to you in your professional life.

Leo Man

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Today’s planetary alignment incline to suggest a cautionary approach in terms of your overall physical well-being.
Make some changes in your diet, consider eating out less and approach home cooked food even if your time is limited, it’s benefits are worth it.

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