How To Decode First Dates Through Numerology

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Have you met someone new?!

Are you juuust at the very beginnings of a brand new new romance?

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The date that you first meet up and spend those precious new moments together – just the two of you – is AS important as everything else: Where you go, what you do, the outfit you wear and the music playing in the background, sure, it all counts.  

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But what if the vibe of your date has been pre-decided by the date you choose?

What if the energy running through it has already been fixed, by the numbers on the calendar?

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Then let’s take it one step further … if this is really the case, then choosing a particular day to meet your potential partner means you can decide the outcome before you’ve even left the house!

So which date do you have penned in your diary for that all-important meet-up?

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Read on, and find out what the Numerology of first dates has in store for you…!

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