Pisces horoscope November 29th 2017

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Daily Pisces horoscope summary

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Starting off modest enough, Wednesday November 29th 2017 will likely take a turn for the better as each hour passes, having an overall good feeling.
Having the biggest positive accent, your financial status, with some challenges present in your health state just to keep things interesting.

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Brush aside all negative aspects that have been lurking in your love life in the past and embrace new found relationships.
Be more open to others but don’t let your guard down all the way, this is a day that should flow in your favor from start to finish.

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Look for new partnerships this will be in your favor for the following days, if carefully approached they will bring financial comfort.
Try and keep an open mind, although spotting the dangers is not always at hand, you should navigate with success through this period.

Leo Man

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Maybe you are not up to your standards today, energy might be lower than usual but you have to stick to your scheduled.
All your troubles will come to an end, step by step, in the later hours of the day if you persevere.

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