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Like every coin has two sides, there are two types of people that exist on Planet Earth – one, the optimistic type who are just happy souls that spread love and are easy to go with always. And second, the pessimistic souls who find faults for the heck of finding and are not so easy going. Well, we don’t intend to say that these zodiac signs are bad; but yes by nature, they are pessimistic.

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The truth is, though they are tough and negative on the outside, they are good, upfront and can’t fake things. The Most Pessimistic Zodiac Signs! This content might offend a few people whose zodiac signs are mentioned below; but these are based on astronomical findings.

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By birth, a few zodiac signs are stubborn and get angry on little issues as well. So, if you are cracking your head with such people, sorry but you can’t please them that well. However, they aren’t so tough to deal with either and they are the ones who actually show you the real mirror in the fake little world of ours.

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Pessimists are analytical, quite logical and serious in thinking. They think two steps ahead of us in every situation; they plan for the worst and get prepared for the worst. Pessimistic people are the ones who you can count on for a reality check. But otherwise, if you are trying to please them, then good luck with that! Given below are zodiac signs that are the most pessimistic and negative in nature.

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• Geminis are born critics, they are witty; no matter how hard you try, you still can’t change their mind.
• People with this sun sign are quite picky; they make every decision considering all the factors.
• They have this quality that they are always right and they find faults in everything. People with the Gemini zodiac sign set low expectations than getting disappointed later.
• You cannot convince them easily, they list a number of reasons to show they are right and you are wrong.
• By default, they are right, so don’t crack your head with such people and let them win the argument. It is okay to keep quiet at times. The Most Pessimistic Zodiac Signs!


• It is true that people with the Aquarius sign try to find faults in everything but that only pertains to their life (Thank God)!
• They always try to become better and learn as much as they can.
• If you have an Aquarian friend, you will know what a true perfectionist is and how he expects others to be. Aquarians have an inner conflict, which makes them a hard-core critic and highly pessimistic at that.
• They want everything to come easily to them and lose control when they can’t get everything they need. They criticize and curse their fate if they do not get what they want. Yes, they are experts in finding faults as well. The Most Pessimistic Zodiac Signs!


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• This is indeed one of the critical signs, as these people find faults in everything around; whether it’s finding fault in themselves or others.
• People of this sign often feel that they are not living up to their own expectations and they feel they are big losers in life.
• But not to forget, people with the Virgo sign are extreme hard-workers.
• The problem is, they want everything to be perfect and their ideology of perfect is different. They often find faults in everything around them; whether they are at office, home or with their friends.
• This might not make sense to you guys, but they are born critics.
• They are quite practical as well and get prepared for the worst always. Instead of thinking positive, they first think of the negative aspects of everything.

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The Most Pessimistic Zodiac Signs!


People with the Capricorn zodiac sign expect the worst of things in any situation. They are quite serious and practical; about everything. They don’t expect much from anyone, and often are hard to convince and please. They worry a lot unnecessarily; their outlook is way too negative at times. Being pessimistic is sometimes an advantage, as they analyze the downside of any idea or project first and then have a look at the good side of it. So, when you need an honest opinion, you know whom to get it from, right? So, these were a few signs that are not so easy to please no matter what!