Why All Zodiac Signs Low Key Wish They Could Be an Aquarius

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Aquarius girls are some of the most unique people you’ll ever meet. They’re the perfect combination of sexy and cute, smart and funny, carefree and passionate.

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People envy your free-spirited nature.
You’ve never really cared about what other people think, so when it comes to doing what you want, whenever you want, you don’t give things a second thought.
You’re naturally someone who acts on instinct and feeling, and there might be an impulsive decision here and there, because you’re always taking risks in life.
You’re eccentric, but in the best way.
You’re definitely not an everyday Joe. You’re original and have big, unique aspirations in life. In a crowd, you can’t help but stand out.

People may not agree with your every move, but they’ve got to respect someone who just does things to the beat of their own drum.
Sugarcoating is something you’re completely unfamiliar with. 
You’re a very trustworthy individual, Aquarius. Giving honest advice is your forte. Whether it’s about a friend’s relationship drama or an upcoming presentation they’re freaking out about, you got their back.
Will your advice be harsh? Maybe, but you’re so nurturing by nature that it won’t ever come across that way. How is that possible, you ask? It’s the balance that only an Aquarius can perfect.
Independent and confident, you’re a force to be reckoned with.
You’re never someone who needs other people to get things done. In fact, you like being in leadership positions because your sign is a much better leader than follower.
You have such original unique ideas and projects that churn in your head, and you enjoy seeing those visions come to fruition.
You’ve got a hilarious sense of humor.
Aquariuses tend to have a great sense of humor and almost never take anything seriously in life. Even better than their humor is the timing they manage to use in order to throw in unexpected one liners and jokes.
You keep everyone laughing, 24/7, and there’s never a dull moment when you’re around.
Open-mindedness is something you pride yourself on.
A lot of star signs are very stubborn. However, you’re one of the few signs that is very open-minded to all possibilities. You’re never set in your ways, and one of your best attributes is being able to put on the shoes of someone else.
Your ability to listen also comes from a place of compassion and understanding, so no one ever walks away from a conversation feeling judged.
We’re a rare breed of human, but we can become friends with virtually any sign out there. And anyone would be lucky to call us a friend, we’ve got a lot going for us!

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