Why You Need to Date a Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces at Least Once

Should You Love A Picses Man? Know the Secrets

All of the signs have their own unique feel to them, so it’s no surprise their dating styles vary wildly.

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What are you like in the dating world and what’s your interest/significant other like? Assertive? Clingy? A commitment-phobe? Read further to find out!
Capricorn – Stable, secure, and dedicated like no other, Capricorn is sure to bring longevity to your relationship.
Capricorns are practical in their approach to love; they might treat your first date as a business interview, but that’s the way they like it.

They aren’t ones to throw their time and effort into anything that isn’t worthwhile, so they want to know your intentions – if you’re not down for something solid then they’re outtey!
Capricorns take their relationships very seriously and don’t handle breakups well at all, so they’re very cautious when it comes to getting to know a potential partner.
A Capricorn’s love is practical and aloof which can make them seem insensitive, but once you get to know them, you’ll see they care a lot more than you’d expect!
They are actually very deep signs with guarded hearts who tend to worry a lot more than they let on.
They need interdependence in their relationships, which means that they love to provide for their loved ones, but they expect everyone to do a fair share of work.
A Capricorn relationship is reliable and steady and can also be wildly popular due to the Capricorn’s secret need for public approval.
Endurance is the keyword for Capricorn because although they’re slow moving, they have the power to reach the top in any situation, whether it be a relationship or career venture!
If you want a partner who will work to the bone to succeed and make sure that your relationship comes out on top, a Capricorn is the mate for you.
Since they tend to be more serious, practical signs, they need a partner who will teach them to lose gracefully and keep them from sinking into pessimism if they fail or feel rejected.
Physically, Capricorns tend to have a wide jaw/square face (think Elvis,) with a more sturdy, wide body structure that can range between handsomely defined and plushy.
In the bedroom, a Capricorn can take a while to get started because they are so goal-oriented and uptight, but once they get going, their loving can feel as if you’ve taken a trip back to the 1940’s.
It’s earthy, classy, intense, and don’t forget enduring. Capricorns are all-nighters when it comes to sweet lovin’.
Don’t be surprised or offended if a Capricorn schedules your sex-time as if it were an obligation. To them, everything is business. “Be there at 7 pm sharp, clothing not required.”
A Capricorn’s weak spot is (the front and back of) their knees. Have a hot bath waiting for them so they can soak those achy knees after a long work day and they’ll love you forever!
Aquarius – These people aren’t called the circus freaks of the Zodiac for no reason! Aquarius people are proud to be weird!
A lot of Aquarius tend to be known for their ever-changing looks. One day they’re living in sweat pants and the next they look like Marilyn Monroe/Frank Sinatra.
No matter what they do, they’re certainly not doing it for you! They’re genuinely doing it for themselves.
No matter if they are shy and studious or outgoing and rebellious, Aquarius are more likely to be leaders and trendsetters than followers.
Aquarius people believe that everyone should have the right to be exactly who they want to be.
An Aquarius needs plenty of freedom to be themselves and won’t think twice about kicking a partner to the curb if they try and dictate or judge them.
An Aquarius relationship will most likely make you feel like you’re dating a best friend because Aquarius hate to feel pinned down, and love to have a life independent from their S.O.
If an Aquarius likes you, they’ll play around with the idea in their mind a little bit before settling down.
Truth be told, they are afraid of losing their freedom, and so they have a hard time deciding if they want to be in a relationship or not.
Aquarius are very emotionally open and honest and call things how they see them.
Flaws are funny, cool, and acceptable to the Aquarius mind, so they don’t mind talking openly about them. The weirder the subject the better!
Aquarius people have a hard time expressing emotions because they process everything objectively, making them seem like some pretty emotionally aloof people.
They can have the BEST. POKER FACE. EVER. It can be ridiculously hard to figure out if an Aquarius likes you because they’re aloof, independent, and fickle in love.
Aquarius people can have some pretty far-out interests and are very ever-changing individuals.
Dating an Aquarius may seem like a bad idea, but Aquarius’ can offer a best friend quality that’s rare, as well as the freedom to be yourself and grow separately from your partner as you grow together.
This can help you learn to trust and give you plenty of time to work on yourself and your individual goals.
Physically, Aquarius can change their look so often that you may think they were a different person every month, but their most noticeable natural feature is their distinct Roman-like nose.
In the bedroom, Aquarius are the kinkiest of all signs. The weirder the act, the better! Anything new is exciting to them!
An Aquarius’ weak spots are their calves and ankles, so a leg massage will send your Aqua-lover into pure bliss!
Pisces – Sweet, sensitive, and living in fantasy land at all times! Pisces people can make the most romantic partners because they can get so carried away with their dreamy emotions.
A Pisces partner won’t mind picking up slack and will soothe your wounds if you need a shoulder to cry on. They are very emotionally supportive and love to help people in need.
A Pisces interest can get carried away in your love very easily.
If a Pisces is interested in you, you are most likely being idolized and they won’t mind romancing you with flowers, poetry, sweet cuddles, and moonlit walks.
Romantic to the bone, they will certainly have recreating their favorite love scene in mind.
Pisces people love their relationships to feel like a fairytale, and so they can be painfully surprised and hurt if it ends suddenly.
Since they are so forgiving and loving, they can actually give bad partners the benefit of the doubt too often or overlook issues that are a call for concern.
They also tend to be attracted to partners who are in need of their help, and this can create a troublesome relationship based on victimization and dependency.
Pisces needs a stable partner who’ll provide a realistic approach to their relationship and not take advantage of their Pisces lover while allowing them the freedom to dream and feel romantic.
Pisces usually need to learn the hard way to be realistic about which partner will be good for them, instead of falling head over heels too easily.
A good Pisces relationship can be one of the most creative, romantic, and beautiful experiences.
Physically, Pisces tend to have huge, glistening, sensitive doe eyes that seem to look into your soul.
In the bedroom, Pisces love-making has an ethereal quality. It’s like diving into the deep ocean, performing a ballet, or being in your own romance film. Weird, I know, but true!
It’s ultra romantic, steamy, and sensitive and the depth that a Pisces lover can make you feel is unreal.
The Pisces weak spot is their feet! I hope you don’t mind because your fishy lover would certainly appreciate giving or receiving a foot massage!

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